Monday, July 22, 2013

NEPHP 2013 Talks: How To Get There

Just another post, keeping hungry for the Northeast PHP conference this coming August in Boston...

What I could only assume is due to the alignment of a number of stars, I see that Larry Ullman is giving a talk titled 'How To Get There' (more details at and

Lately I have been feeling more and more like I'm not at my peak. I should be better, bigger and more valuable than I am. This is hopefully going to be one of those talks that slaps me in the face and gets me to wake up and push through.

The funny thing about these motivational talks, I find, is the fact that simply by me acknowledging that I want to see this talk pushes me further. Which is awesome.

Even still, I really can't way to see Larry talk. Along with his other talks 'Ajax: You Can Do It Too' and 'Teaching PHP & Web Development' I foresee a day when Larry may have his own track at NEPHP and to be honest, I'd probably end up seeing all of it!

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